Monday, October 9, 2017

Petitions and More, October 9 Please Help Re-Tweet Videos to U.S Congressmen "No culture can excuse the torture & slaughter of 40 million innocent lives! Pass H. Res 401  Urgent. US-info. Needs many more signatures! Embrace a Humane, Sustainable Future on the Range for Wild Horses and Burros! The government of British Columbia has left a gaping and unnecessary loophole that is bound to be exploited: grizzly bears can still be hunted for meat! Once more. Suffering Animals Waiting for Help That May Never Arrive Alaska Airlines Supporting Nearly 40 Years of Dog Abuse Tell Yellville officials and Turkey Trot festival sponsors to drop this disturbing "tradition" permanently More than 500 animals languishing in the couple's basement and sheds  India. For the immediate resignation of Mr. Veerappa Moily, now Minister for Environment and Forests (corrupt connections between private companies and the Government, and  Mr. Moily’s decisions undermine the various legislation that his party routinely showcases as their biggest achievements, namely the Forest Conservation Act and the Forest Rights Act! ) Keep your promise: save our seas and protect them, as agreed in the EU's marine strategy, by 2020 at the latest. Finish overfishing and finally ensure that fish are not simply thrown back dead into the sea Russia. We demand to prohibit the catching of neglected animals in the Volokolamsky district by IP Y. Sharipov. Conduct a prosecutor's check of his activity as he does not have a veterinary education, or a certificate for the right to catch dogs. Determine the legitimacy of impounding dogs in  "Justa" , on agricultural land, where there is no electricity and water. Dogs are not fed, no people allowed Spain. Los Alcazares, Murcia. Protest! The town hall is proposing that the contract should be given to a company in Mazarron which has a kill-policy! Asking for the acquittal of two officers of the Association 269 Life Animal Liberation (Bigard and Cibévial folder), Tiphaine Cirik Lagarde and Ceylon. We can not accept this judgment, to be held next October 11 in Lyon. We demand their immediate release! France. Requesting the acquittal of the two leaders of the Association 269 Life Libération Animale. Consumers have the right to know what they eat and must know under what conditions the animals are slaughtered! Germany. Bavaria. The wolves, escaped from the Falkenstein National Park Center in Ludwigsthal, should not be shot down! France. We at least ask for the right to live safely within a sufficient perimeter around our dwellings, for us and our animals. The hunters come within 500 meters of the houses, shooting at all ends of the fields on the slightest moving figures! Spain. Montepinar. Justice for my dog Cira, face and body burned with acid by somebody living in my street! Argentina.  La Prov. De Bs. As. Request to Ms. Vidal ME Governor, Mr. Mayor of La Plata Julio Garró, Animal Protection Associations and the public in gral. to commit to take control immediately, on the abandonment of animals in the Zoo La Plata! Argentina.  Municipality of Pinamar. For a Refuge for the animals of protectionist and journalist Edgardo Antoñana Spain. Stop the poisoning of dogs and cats in Logroño, increase the active surveillance of our parks with police presence and surveillance cameras and raise sanctions against poisoners! France. Stop the massacre of cats by dogs in Tholonet and Meyreuil! The owner of the dogs has been identified!
R. 214-70 of the Rural Code resulting from the decree of December 12, 1997 and the Decree of December 28, 2011, which allows an exception to the stunning of animals, in the case of ritual slaughter; we call for the stunning of all animals without exception before slaughter! Brazil. Improve inspection and formulation of laws against Biopiracy, traffic in wildlife, in Brazil! Russia.  Legislative Assembly of the Novosibirsk Region: abolish the penalties imposed on the pet owner for loud noises, barking etc. made during 'the hours of silence' .  Instead, introduce a system of penalties for pet owners if the pet is not silent within 15-20 minutes .... France. Pass a law for compulsory sterilization of domestic cats France. Save my faithful dog who lost sight and became deaf; the exorbitant costs of veterinary care has become one of the main causes of abandonment and concern of pet owners! France. Ardennes. Contreuve. No to the extension of an industrial poultry house of 70 000 laying hens, no to 170,000 and 199,000 chickens in the communes of Ménil-Lépinois and Annelles! Russia. Help to close the pseudo zoo in Cherepovets in KiO Park! Spain. Villar del Buey. Calvario in Fornillos de Fermoselle. Stop cementing everything! Russia. Take measures to identify and eliminate the sources of pollution of the mountain rivers in the Ivdel district of the Sverdlovsk Region!
              =========   News and more    ==========  Scroll down for updates please Romania. Free Sterilization Campaign in Argeş, organized by EDUXANIMA, in collaboration with the City Hall of Topoloveni, FNPA, Tiere in Not, Kurth in Germany and Tierhilfe KOS in Austria was a success

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