Saturday, October 14, 2017

Petitions and More, October 14 US-info. Speak Out Against Trapping on National Wildlife Refuges as Trapping Season Begins Again! Support S. 1919 to Prohibit Certain Traps on Refuges!  Please help Re-tweet to US Congressmen, D Trump, Lara Trump "Lives hang in the balance, pls speak out #CRUELTY Protect the innocent! Pls send #HRes401 co-cosponsorship to @RepHastingsFL" Canada only. The use of animals for research All others.  Urge them to implement regulations that will protect animals in laboratories, like the ones at ITR. Let them know the Canadian government’s failure to regulate the treatment of animals used in research is unacceptable! 1)  Canada, Pass Dolphin Captivity Bill! 2) Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Crosshairs! Keep humpback whales from going hungry and protect the foundation of the Atlantic Ocean ecosystem. Protect the Atlantic little fish, the menhaden! Speak Out Against Plans for an Intensive Pig Farm in Northamptonshire Man Is Gored to Death During Bull Run in Spain. Take action. Prime Minister of Spain, End the Bloody Torture of Bulls! Urge BCBG Max Azria to Ditch Angora and Fur! Encourage Bed Bath & Beyond to Be Down-Free Speak Out Against Cruel Conditions of Live Animal Market  Urge Oswald's Bear Ranch to stop using bear cubs for photo ops and public handling, move the cubs to large naturalistic habitats, and close down the concrete holding area Governor of the province of Buenos Aires, María Eugenia Vidal: stop animal abuse! Take action. Defend Pristine Habitat for Coastal Grizzlies, No to the Pebble Mine, protect the grizzly bears and more than 250 species of fish and wildlife! Deadline Oct. 17 Mars and Co: No cocoa, chocolate by clearing the rainforest in the Ivory Coast! US-info. Contact your Member of Congress today to support the reintroduction of The Humane Cosmetics Act. We have provided a template letter to assist you Fur coats and jackets from companies like Canada Goose, using fur from wildlife by using barbaric trapping, banned throughout the EU Oregon, Washington only. Help Prevent Wolf Killing in Oregon and Washington! US-info. Oppose Rep. Walden's Columbia Gorge Clearcut Bill! US-info. Help Defend Old-Growth Forests from Trump's Congress Russia. City of Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan). Protest! Prevent the barbaric attitude towards street animals, do not allow MUP "Special Cleaning of the City" in Ufa to fulfill the order for the killing of animals (and pets), spend the 12 million rubles of budgetary money on noble and necessary goals! Federal Government of Mexico, enforce the laws and ensure that the animals are at least properly stunned and desensitized before they are stabbed and dismembered in slaughterhouses.  And punish those who violate the law! Germany. Let the young wolves of Ohrdruf live, take back the decision to shoot them, there are many hybrids among other species! Turkey. Nilüfer Municipality: dismiss the responsible team for severe neglicence of the animals in the (dog) pound! Russia. Prohibit the extraction of uranium in the Kurgan, this is death for the region! Russia. Stop the mass extermination of pigeons Tell Versace Fur-Free Fashion Is In Protect People and Animals. Stop Dangerous and Inhumane Products
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