Thursday, October 19, 2017

Petitions and More, October 19 Minister of Health, ban the use, production, processing and sale of Compound 1080, strychnine and M-44 cyanide devices outright across Canada! Government of Canada, require slaughterhouses and other industrial agri-businesses that raise, transport, or slaughter large numbers of animals to install video surveillance equipment, with a feed that can be viewed by CFIA officials and the public! To confirm We request the enlistment of the Wolf by Unesco as living heritage essentiel to the Biodiversity of the Earth! To confirm   Douglas County politicians were exposed taking federal grant money intended for education, firefighting and other government services and instead spending it on a pro-clearcutting video, lobbying junkets to Washington DC, and a program to kill black bears and porcupines disliked by logging ! Click on ‘Start over’  Dutch government, listen to the people of Europe: vote to get glyphosate out of the EU! A little-known provision in the 25th Amendment allows the Cabinet to Remove a President from office if he or she is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” Update. Animal torture without end - but the United Nations remain silent and the media do not report Russia. Allow dwelling of homeless cats in the cellars of St. Petersburg, issue a decree prohibiting the poisoning, killing and immuring of live animals in the cellars, and recognize cats as part of the city's ecosystem! Spain. Oviedo. No to fining people who feed animals, remove this absurd law, nowhere in the penal code does it make it a crime to feed a living being! France. Justice for this kitten, Canaille, severely abused by the neighbour! Save Asen the lion and close the illegitimate Zoo of Razgrad Bulgaria Indonesia. Tanah Datar. Enforce the law by arresting and charging the perpetrators of the massacre of at least 150 crane storks (Bubulcus Ibis)! Argentina. Tandil, Buenos Aires. Liberate the pumas of Sierra del Tigre and Granja los Pibes, now kept in small cages France. Save this German Shepherd living in a dark garage in his feces and urine Spain. Galicia. Prohibit the sale of pets in pet stores Create a new protected marine area so penguins at least don’t have to compete with commercial krill fisheries for food! Demand tranquilizing instead of Quick killing of Wild Cougars or other animals that wander in to populated areas! Stop force-feeding ducks and geese! Demand that the EU changes this regulation regarding foie gras! PM Trudeau: No consent, no Kinder Morgan pipeline
                 =========   News and more    ==========  Philip Wollen's Powerful Speech on Animal Rights at
LCA's 2017 Gala


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