Saturday, September 16, 2017

Petitions and More, September 16 Please take action to stop the suffering of animals exported live from the EU to third countries! Retweets to co-sponsor H.Res. 401 Gruesome.  Take action on behalf of these stolen dogs killed by an old man on Shanghai pudong Kang Jialu Cambridge 39 lane no. 6 ! Once more. US-info. Oppose the War on Wolves Rider included in S. 1514 ! US-info. The Senate will decide on the fate of horses and donkeys! France. No to the orders to abandon pets during the evacuation at St Martin and St Barth! To confirm France. Narbonne. We want justice for Thémys, 27 year old mare found dying, in full sun, temperature near 35 °, on August 16 in Luc-sur-Orbieu in the Aude, shoulder and a leg broken, in an advanced stage of dehydration and malnutrition! 1) Art Money for a vicious Dog Killer? No Way Wichita! 2) Puerto Aventuras: It's Time For Dolphin Liberation! Survey from the Australian Conservation Foundation Urge Alaska Airlines to Fly Away From This Dog Death Race Mulesing Is A Barbaric Practice That Confronts The Wrong Problem Ban the use of Compound 1080 before any more pets are poisoned. Needs more signatures Tell the University of Missouri to Stop Using Pigs for Emergency Medicine Training. More attention please For a complete ban on all neonicotinoid pesticides killing bees in Europe! California Legislature Passes First Statewide Pet Sales Ban in the Country  US-info. Stop Seafood Fraud and Protect Honest Fishermen Tell the inspector general of the Department of the Interior: Investigate the censoring of government scientists and experts France. An exemplary punishment for those who massacred Thoiry rhino! Spain.  Sanction the individual or the mayor for not complying with the law during the 'Bull of La Vega' event in Tordesillas, the use of spears to kill is forbidden! Turkey. Istanbul. Sarıyer Rumeli Hisar district, shut down Arpaci Fountain Street to prevent the killing of cats by (speeding) cars!  Require veterinarians to notify pet owners of potential risks and side effects of medication France. SOS Eaux Doubs. Stop water pollution of the river Drugeon and the lakes of Doubs, the Loue, the Dessoubre or the Cusancin Stop School Sponsored Animal Slaughters in New Zealand! More signatures please! Help Save Oregon's Wolves From Poaching and Useless Killing! ( Keep Asian Carp Out of the Great Lakes
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