Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Petitions and More, September 27  European authorities, repeal Directive 2010/63 / EU and adopt a new directive, encouraging Member States to put an end to animal testing, by promoting a proactive research policy , validation and implementation of alternative methods! Let’s get to 1 Million sign.! Stop the planned water power station madness along the Slovenian Mur river, the  "Amazon of Europe" with it's enormous biodiversity, part of the Europe-wide protected area network Natura 2000, it's in acute danger!  Mrs. or mr., first name, last name, country, email Let’s get to 100,000 signatures! Stop the smuggling of meat from critically endangered species into the U.S. – before it’s too late! More signatures needed. In 3 weeks new elections will be held in Austria; please sign the petition for a definite ban on unstunned slaughter! Mr or mrs, first name, last name, ZIP, town, country, email Encourage Vans to represent our generation by making leather and wool vanish! Demanding a new life for the 2 bears, Aiko and Toni, kept in the municipality of Droyßig as a "mascot" of the village. To confirm Select safe, solution-oriented alternatives in the Targhee Pass Environmental Assessment for the safety of drivers and wildlife  US-info. Tell your representative: Commit to vote no on NAFTA corporate power grab! Asunción, Paraguay. Save the botanical garden from this planned viaduct Argentina. Demanding an end to 'blood traction', enslaving horses, in urban areas of Morón Pcia of Bs. As. Replace the horses, and  transfer the horses to sanctuaries managed by animal protection agencies where they can end their lives in dignity and in contact with nature! Prosecute those who tortured and burned the dogs and cats in the Ankara Elmadag ski resort! Mexico. Pets affected by the earthquake's in Mexico should be placed with families! Mexico. Help the animals affected by the earthquake’s Ask Wood Green Animal Sanctuary, Godmanchester, to Remove Dead Animals from their Coffee Shop & Restaurant Menus Demand the City Council, County, State, and Federal agencies prevent construction of Creosote plant in Scott City, MO
                    =========   News and more   ========  PASA member wildlife centers across Africa Brazil Revokes Decree Opening Amazon Reserve to Mining


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