Monday, September 25, 2017

Petitions and More, September 25  Retweets. Pass H.Res. 401, condemn the horrific Dog and Cat meat trade! France. Let’s save the Cats, introduce the Cats Sterilization Act! Ask Los Angeles' Mayor to Fix the City's Animal Services Now!  Oregon and Washington residents. Help Prevent Wolf Killing in Oregon and Washington! Belgium. Stop animal cruelty in slaughterhouses! Defend the colony of sea lions of Necochea. Two more petitions will show up afterwards  Stop killing badgers. Needs more attention. To confirm  US-info. Protect Public Lands & Communities from Fracking Actions to take, US-info  Scroll down please and click on each Ambassador’s name; most of these petitions need more signatures ------------ Indonesia. Aceh. Stop the flooding of 4000 hectares of protected forest in the Gayo Lues Regency, destroying the homes of many endangered species, including orangutans, elephants, and tigers! Indonesia. Stop the Batang Toru Dam, save the critically endangered (less than 800 individuals) Orangutans in the Batang Toru forest! France. Prohibit hunting in St Cannat for the 2017/2018 period, in all the sectors impacted by the fire and their surroundings in the commune of Saint Cannat and Eguilles! City of Buenos Aires. @diegosantilli, BAJoven department, stop supporting the designers who promote the use of skins and fur! Tweet as well France. Let the owner, the shepherd, pay for these acts of maltreatment, abandonment and cruelty to these dogs and pups! Spain. Córdoba. Noah's ark of Cordoba asks for the final custody of Cloe, the only survivor of the Rehala asphyxiated in a car in August! Belgium. Lidl Supermarkets: make your vegetable/vegan products permanently available France. Calling for a total ban on glyphosate herbicides France. France. Argenteuil. Offer a choice for our children to eat vegetarian in the canteens
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