Monday, September 11, 2017

Petitions and More, September 11 Retweets needed! Support #HRes401 EndDogCatMeatTrade globally!  Once more.  Brazil. Hands of the Amazone As well. In Korean. Name, city or country, phone, email, comment Turkey. Stop Kütahya Municipality from letting cats starve to death Spain. Valencia. Stop the brutal abuse of horses in Comunidad Valenciana during carriage-competitions Canada. City of Rouyn-Noranda, ensure the continuity of the SPCA services; no to tenders for a service which is to keep stray animals 72 hours (max.) and to proceed, most of the time, to their euthanasia. Only the SPCA is regulated by standards and has a well-defined mission to protect animals from neglect, abuse and exploitation! Bulgaria.  Ban Fur Farms and Trade of "valuable furs" in the Republic of Bulgaria - English incl. Germany.  Bergisch Gladbach. Save a paradise: Ponyhof Sonnenschein, and let these animals live!  Mexico. Ayuntamiento de Chimalhuacán. Apply the Mexican Animal Protection Act, chapter lll articles 14 and 15 prohibit that horses be overloaded, beaten, left without shade; it is even forbidden that they be used if they are sick, injured, slain or injured, not even ridden on them and must be attended to! Mexico. Stop the killing of rabbits during the Animal Production Systems practices of the Agricultural High School of the Chapingo Autonomous University, a dehumanized act of killing rabbits is done only to compare their system with that of a chicken France. Protest against the abolition of subsidized contracts at the Vermelles refuge for animals, it will lead to their closure!  Philippines. Save the Sierra Madre and it's wildlife. If not signed yet BBC. No more (female)bullfighters on the list of inspirational and influential women 2017!
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