Thursday, September 14, 2017

Petitions and More, September 14 US-info. 2018 Appropriations: Maintain Ban on Killing/Slaughtering Wild Horses & Burros! President Moon Jae-In and the South Korean government: identify all dogs and cats as companion animals under the law regardless of breed or place of birth, and ban the slaughter of these animals for human consumption! Amazonian pink dolphins are not bait fish! Please Speak Out Against the Kapparot Ritual of Killing Chickens! Mallorca. Palma City Council, we want the replacement of the abused and suffering horses used for pulling loads and carriages, by electric vehicles, and that the horses are sent to sanctuaries where they can live the rest of their days Dolphins, pilot whales and endangered leatherback sea turtles are left to die in mile-long drift gillnets off our coast Peru. Defend the forest defenders!  Prevent more killings of land defenders! Industrial dairying is polluting our rivers and contaminating our water. New Zealand US-info. EPA, we need to strengthen, not weaken safeguards for clean water;jsessionid=00000000.app330b US-info. Tell the U.S. EPA that you choose safe, clean water over polluted waterways Needs more attention. An end to the Investor-State Dispute Settlement, known as ISDS, the dangerous clause that allows corporations to sue governments in secretive tribunals of corporate lawyers with little to no oversight! Italy. Justice for these 6 rescued pups, about to go to their new adoptive families but brutally poisoned at the ENPA section of San Giovanni Rotondo! Italy. Proposal for Environmental and Animal Protection - No to Animal Experiments, No to Vivisection Italy. Trentino. Issue an order to end the security risks arising from the unnecessary hunting activities Spain. Ibiza. Release Dylan, locked up for 4 years now, from Sa Coma, he already has a new home! Russia. Appoint honest, decent and skilled workers in the field of cynology; stop the illegal psychiatric persecution of Oksana Mikhailovna Semykina and allow her to be transferred to another duty station (Stavropol) with the aim of continuing her service with the police Russia. Novosibirsk, Tatar region: official support needed for the creation of shelters for abandoned animals Italy. Implement decrees of Law No.24, for the same obligations of professional liability as for the physicians of persons to be extended to veterinary surgeons to protect the animal patient Brazil. Ask Fran's CafĂ© to commit to stop using eggs from caged chickens Germany. Stop the planned limestone quarryi Hengen of the company Schaefer Kalk in the municipality of Beselich Canada: Demand a Fur Labelling Act! End Lion Farming in South Africa! Help Stop the Killing of Brazil's Indigenous People Don't Allow Feld to Send their Tigers to A German Circus
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