Friday, September 15, 2017

Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia: Stop the barbaric treatment of vulnerable cats and kittens!



Subject: Stop the barbaric treatment of vulnerable cats and kittens!

Brisbane City Council Colin Jenson:

I'm truly shocked to read that Brisbane City Council is killing cats. Any cat. Owned cats. 
Unowned cats. Lost cats.

It has been decided that any cat on the street who doesn’t act friendly when poked with a steel rod is ‘feral’.

It even gives the ‘feral’ label to tiny, helpless kittens , just a few hours old, solely because they’ve labelled their Mum ‘feral’. 

In Brisbane City Council, any cat who finds themselves on the streets can, and is, being trapped and often killed.

Why? Because Brisbane City Council doesn’t hold trapped cats in a shelter for eight days, or even three days.
The morning after being trapped, traps are shaken and cats poked with a steel rod to assess their personality.
If they react – hiss, spit, growl etc, as most cats do when frightened – they’re deemed to be ‘feral’.
Being lost, or being timid, shouldn’t be a crime punishable by death, yet in Brisbane City Council, it is.
Microchips aren’t always detected when cats are in a trap or crush cage.
So any timid cat – owned or unowned - can be killed immediately.

The council is even using barbaric foot hold traps to catch cats!

Brisbane City Council is refusing to allow rescue groups to remove unowned cats – not even tiny kittens – from the streets, get them desexed and responsibly rehomed in accordance with legislation.
People who have offered to, for no charge, humanely trap cats in the Brisbane suburb of Coopers Plains have been threatened with fines of up to $378,450 or three years in jail!
This is outrageous!
I want more appropriate methods for managing trapped cats.
I ask you to :
• Transfer all stray and lost cats to Animal Welfare League Queensland for care and assessment.
• Cease using foothold traps altogether.
• Support and/or fund shelters and rescue organisations in humanely trapping, desexing and rehoming unowned cats.
• Support a pilot trap-neuter-return program in areas with high stray cat numbers.
Thank you for your attention.


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