Monday, September 4, 2017

Petitions and More, September 4   S. Korea. We demand that the horrendous treatment of dogs, dragging and killing them, in Gupo, Busan, be strictly punished! Name * Address (city, district, city only) * Contact (e.g. 010-1234-5678) * Email *  Participate in online signing and leave a word.  SUBMIT Belgium. Hoeve Hoogland, trader, puppy mill breeder in Tielen, who has been charged several times, is aiming to expand from 96 to 250 dogs; please show your support for the objection to be lodged by GAIA and BSPCA! To confirm! Please Close Bullfighting Schools Telemundo Supports SeaWorld, Despite Animals' Deaths Seaworld and the capture of Orca’s ZIP=4 digits.  Needs much more support!  A bill in the NSW Parliament tabled by AJP’s Mark Pearson seeks to ensure that cats and dogs used in medical research are offered to rescue groups rather than killed at the end of experimentation! US-info. Tell Congress: Don’t let Big Oil destroy our wild places! Spain. Justice for little Bodi, tortured and thrown into a container in Torrent (Valencia)! Russia. Tyumen. Arrest and charge the owners' friend who brutally cut up the Sharpay dog with a knife and threw it from the 9th floor, killing it! Italy. It's time to say enough to the massacre of unstunned animals! Japan. Tochigi prefecture Yaita-shi. We will seek proper operation and indictment of violation of animal welfare law Article 44 (2) (neglect)! Protest against this breeder of dogs and cats under horrible conditions Brazil. Patos. Street animals deserve to be helped; provide physical and personnel structure for rescue, administration, vehicles, treatment and referral for adoption Brazil. City of Natal-RN. Start the battle against the overpopulation of animals with de-sexing programs, start using the 2 mobile spay and neuter units! Brazil. Request for a Free Veterinary Hospital in Campinas, interior of São Paulo Brazil. Porto Alegre. Create a Law for Drivers to Stop their Cars for Animals on the Street Italy. Requesting a ban on the slaughter and consumption of Rabbits Canada. Nullify the illegal suspension of employees who rescued a dog from the heat in an automobile while awaiting the arrival of police officers at the CHU de Québec Italy. Homeless people and their pets should have the same rights as other homeless people UN: Plastic must be replaced by biodegradable material, and public institutions must carry out continuous campaigns for environmental awareness Stop the slaughter of (1940) dolphins in Taiji Japan! Steve King Supports Dog Fights - He Must Resign Best Buy Price Gouged Harvey Victims Buying Water
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