Saturday, September 9, 2017

Petitions and More, September 9 Retweets. Condemn the horrific and brutal dog and cat meat trade! Urge your Repr. to cosponsor H.R.1406 - Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act of 2017, in the US, if he/she is not cosponsoring it yet! Sample letter:  April 13 Help us create a Rabies Free Kerala. Ask the State Government to implement Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination Programmes! Scroll down to ‘Click here’. Needs many more sign.! US-info. More attention please! Oppose the War on Wolves Rider included in S. 1514 ! The suffering of Pigs in G├╝nthersdorf continues, despite criminal complaint! Justice for mare Vita, tortured to death! Requesting the prosecutor of Montpellier, to reclassify this act of barbarity as an act of cruelty to a domestic animal, (to the police: it's Not just a horse!) To confirm France. Mayotte. Town hall, take your responsibilities and make the necessary arrangements to comply with the law! Part of the 2018 subsidies will no longer be paid, resulting in the disappearance of the pound, and therefore the shelter Gueules D'Amour of Mayotte! To confirm  If not signed yet. Close the "La Esmeralda" Zoo in Santa Fe 1) Shut Down the Natural Bridge Zoo Roadside Atrocity for Good! 2) Stop the Bow Hunting of Deer by City of Charlottesville! Turkey.  Please let's not allow this thug, Hasan Catoz, to circulate these images of cats on social media! Philippines. Pasay. We want justice for this Cat! Turkey. Laws are required to combat the deliberate violence towards animals, against impunity! Macedonia. Animal abuse: Macedonia - enough is enough! Argentina. Request for a Mobile Veterinary /  Veterinary Hospital, Merlo Bs As Brazil. Requesting a Mobile Vet Unit in the District of Unamar - Cabo Frio - RJ Russia. Protest. The Irkutsk Region and the Republic of Buryatia have always been famous for their forests. But now the pride of our country is in danger: hectares of valuable species of wood are cut down and sent for export to China!
                 =========   News and more    ========= Special appeal from Moby to help stop the lion killers


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