Thursday, September 7, 2017

Petitions and More, September 7 More signatures are needed. US-info.  America’s wild horses and burros are facing their last stand. Stand with us. Stand with the herds! If not signed yet. US-info. End horse slaughter, protect human health: Pass the SAFE Act!  Sign/share, if not done so yet The most renowned institute in Jaipur, MNIT, India, has crossed all the limits of animal cruelty. From last three days, dogs are being killed in the campus by the staff members! Coca-Cola, end your sponsorship the Cruel, Deadly Iditarod! NZ. If not signed yet. To stop dairy expansion, we must end public funding of irrigation schemes like the Ruataniwha Dam and Central Plains Water Scheme! France. Against a giant factory of almost 40,000 laying hens at Hailles in the Somme! To confirm France. Let us demand a halt to intensive chicken farming! If not signed yet. Stop clearing, stop deforestation, save the climate US-info. Do not support new offshore drilling leases off our coast!  Keep Special Areas in Alaska’s Western Arctic Protected! Stop the salmon-killing Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska! Needs more signatures. Tell JPMorgan Chase to Defund Tar Sands Pipelines! Russia.  Stop the massacre of dogs and cats in Volgograd for the World Cup on football 2018! Japan. Withdraw the consideration of mass culling of cats and wildlife in Amami Oshima, because of the World Heritage registration application! Mexico. Close thel sawmills which started cutting live trees with the support of narco-makers from the state of Michoacan Argentina. Interjuridictional Watershed Authority, carry out an action plan to remediate Black River pollution Argentina. Protest against the Rio Negro River Contamination - General Roca (RN) Argentina. Save our Limay River, it's the only one we have and they're killing it slowly Needs more signatures! Don't Let Congress Destroy the Endangered Species Act Hotels Must Allow Pets of Families Seeking Hurricane Shelter Don't Let Bats Disappear. Save the Endangered Species Act Ban the Sale of Racoon Dogs as Pets and Stop an Ecological Disaster  Stop Using Seeni the Elephant as a Baby Making Machine Urge Congress to save our public lands Don’t let Congress gut the Land and Water Conservation Fund
                    ========   News and more    ========= Germany. Election Parliament 2017. Election issues concerning animal and environmental protection  New Zealand. Sept. 23 is your opportunity to create a more compassionate New Zealand; one where animals get the freedom they deserve Young Scientist Award to Attend the Institute for In Vitro Sciences’ 2018 Practical Methods for In Vitro Toxicology Workshop in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, from 16-19 January 2018


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