Saturday, September 2, 2017

Petitions and More, September 2 Urgent! Click on Tweet4Wolves, after each tweet right-click on the upper arrow to your left to choose the sheet again No to horseslaugher, no to reopening horse slaughter plants in the US! Send both messages, in different emails or faxes, to your Senator and Congressional Representative! 1) Demand Justice for Hundreds of Hurt & Hoarded Cats! 2) Milwaukee County Zoo: African Elephants Don't Belong in Wisconsin! Belgium: ban unstunned slaughter. Confirm please Belgium. For a ban on unstunned slaughter in Brussels. ‘Klik hier’ to send an email Needs many more signatures. Immediate action needed to end the use of animals in experiments! If not signed yet. Petition to oppose plans to build a monkey breeding facility in Florida! REACH Refit: Demand That Europe Lead the Way in Animal-Free Science Petitions for Animals, if not signed yet US-info. Save Teshekpuk Lake, Alaska's Globally Important Wetlands Habitat Spain. Stop 'Tire and Drag' with horses being subsidized and ban this in Valencia UK-info. If not acted upon yet: ask to your MP to back the campaign to ban cruel battery breeding cages for gamebirds Russia. We appeal to all muftis in Russia: abandon the bloody sacrifice of innocent animals! Animals are transported kilometers without water and food. Exhausted they are killed in front of each other! France. Stop the bloodbath at Eid-el-Kebir 2017, as every year, in a few hours, hundreds of thousands of sheep will be sacrificed by unstunned slaughter! Italy. Stop the poisoning of dogs and cats in Ascea, arrest and charge the perpetrators! Argentina. Yes to the law against neglect and animal abuse, the bill identified under the file number 2929-D-2017 that seeks to aggravate the penalties of those who exercise acts of cruelty towards or mistreatment of animals, as well as penalizing their abandonment! Justice for the dog thrown down from the 3rd floor of the College of Bachelors Squad 13! Venezuela. Let Ruperta the elephant be examined by specialists from the only sanctuary of pachyderms in Latin America: "Sanctuary of Elephants Brazil", and evaluate the possibility of transferring her to its facilities! Media Markt, stop using animals for your advertising Russia. Stop the logging of the park on Tenist Pass, Yauza, Sviblovo district of Moscow L'Oréal: It's time to #becrueltyfree! Animal Sentience Left out of Repeal Bill - Urgent Action Needed! Let Them Bark - End Debarking in Oregon and All States Cancel The Cruel Event of "Mutton Bustin'" at the National Western Stock Show & Rodeo No radioactive waste dump in Kimba or Flinders Ranges
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