Thursday, June 8, 2017

Petitions and More, June 8 After every tweet, right-click top arrow to the left, to choose the tweetsheet again Take action. Demand that the European Commission end animal experiments and do more to promote non-animal methods for REACH Please urge the Uruguayan President, the Minister of Agriculture and the Congressmen of the Animal Welfare Bureau to help stop this suffering and horror by prohibiting the export of live animals from Uruguay! Tell Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to Stop Using Sheep for Emergency Medicine Training  White House Requests Feedback on Which Agencies to Reform, easy to follow, copy/paste (alter) example comment
--------------------------------------  Once more.  Ban bullfights in Pamplona If not signed yet. Chevron stop donating to TAMU until the university stops these extremely cruel and pointless experiments on dogs!  ZIP=5 digits. Protect our national parks and monuments  Germany, save the birds! Against the massive use of insecticides and weed killers in industrial agriculture! Turkey.  Punishment for the torturer of the fox, video published; No to impunity and violation of the rights of animals! To send the Turkish text by email, use: ; ; ; ; ;  Subject: Hayvan haklarına aykırı davranışın ceza alması! Or use Mexico. Require all products to be labeled regarding containing ingredients of animal origin (food) and other products: animal tested or not Close Zoo that Fed a Live Donkey to its Tigers
         =========   News and more   ========= To vote. In your opinion, does French law adequately protect animals? Non Trump Names BP Oil Spill Lawyer as Top Environmental Attorney


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