Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Petitions and More, June 7 Speak out against the cruel Yulin dog meat festival French charity Téléthon, stop funding these cruel experiments on dogs and fund only modern, non-animal studies Stop Cruelty to Bulls and Horses in Michoacán Ban the Decapitation of Geese in El Carpio de Tajo Please Free Gajraj Immediately If not signed yet. Protect British Columbia's Endangered Old-Growth Forests Handsome Brook Farm: Stop Labeling Your Eggs ‘Pasture-Raised’ When They Aren’t! Close Changzhou Zoo in China and Release Animals to the Sanctuary! (Feeding a live donkey to the tigers!) Turkey. Eyup municipality, dismiss the veterinary affairs unit's workers and start an investigation into the illegal workers causing deaths and casualties amongst the caught dogs; end the illegal collection of dogs and collaborate with volunteers! Mexico. Authorities of Tamaulipas, we want Justice for Guerejo! No official target France. Protest. Mauguio, south of Montpellier, is organizing a barbaric and retrograde spectacle this year, which consists in torturing six bulls to death before a sparse audience, largely subsidized by Europe, the region, the department and especially the city! Mayor, stop the killing! Protest. Pollution in Vietnam by the Company Formosa Germany. Hannover. Stop cutting down 1 hectare of forest for profit, do not destroy the habitat for numerous animal species, especially birds and bats! Demand to remove and rehome all rescues on said property and to ensure no 501 c 3 permit is ever allowed to any parties involved in this operation again (Location?) Blind and Deaf Dogs Left Without Food or Water for 16 Days!
             ========    News and more   ========= Deadly distemper outbreak sweeps across the Southern US


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