Thursday, June 29, 2017

Petitions and More, June 29  Japanese housing and condominium companies, stop buying the wood products that are driving the destruction of Sarawak’s forests Republic of Saint Paul La Réunion. Angel, 6 months, died from starvation and dehydration. To confirm France. We need an extensive sterilization campaigne for cats at Foug (54) US. To make a call. Tell TIAA: Stop funding rainforest destruction! Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining
Lutherstadt Eisleben, Mayor Jutta Fischer: help animals, we urge you to immediately enforce a regulation on the sustainable protection of cats! Brazil. Justice for Aline, paraplegic dog adopted by the Bonfanti Bueno family in October 2016, euthanized without reason! Spain. Against the 2 bullfights to be organized in Bailen! Spain. Protest against a quartz and feldspar mine at the entrance of the road leading to Felipa, Casas Nuevas, next to the garita in Los Gigantes. No update yet
"Las Laderas," Albuquerque, must be kept in its natural state Quebec Might Want To Kill Your Dog Tell the Solomon Islands to Ban Logging Old Growth Forests to Save its Unique Wildlife from Extinction Save Water for People, Birds, and Wildlife Help save dog walking in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area .....
       ========  News and more   ========  'Even John (Dalley of SoiDog) had to admit, if you are brave enough to venture into the darkness. If you can capture the videos and images – that will be the way to end it.'   ..........


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