Saturday, June 17, 2017

Petitions and More, June 17 Tweetsheet for the Wild Horses and Burro’s, just click on the images  US. Tell Secretary Zinke that you do not support the slaughter of America’s wild horses, by calling 202-208-7351! US. Please e-mail, fax, call your 2 Senators and House of Rep. NOW as Trump’s and Zinke’s budget proposals for 2018 for wild horses and burros are now in the Appropriation Committees being marked up for a vote possibly as soon as July! Sample message provided If not signed yet. Tell Namibian and UAE officials to stop the export of baby elephants to Dubai Safari Park! Protest. The Russian Academy of Sciences is taking a giant step backwards for science and ethics by using primates in its research into the effects of space travel as part of a projected mission to Mars  Arizona-info. Speak Up For Mexican Wolves, Revoke S.368 intr. by Jeff Flake, protect Mexican Wolves! 1. Don't Let Texan Supermarket Kill Pups! 2. Don't Let Wisconsin Throw Baby Birds Into Gas Chamber France. Raise children's awareness for animal causes in schools. To confirm  US-info. Tell Kroger to stop selling food grown with bee-toxic pesticides! If not signed yet. ZIP=5 digits  Turkey. Stop the deadly, systematic poisoning of dogs in the Edremit District and beyond, even in Ayvalık municipalities,  and stop threatening animal activists, prosecution is needed!  Brazil. Find and arrest the sadistic woman who pierces the eye of this gagged dog, torturing him, and the person filming the action! Contact Peta as well! Spain. San Vicente de Alcántara, Badajoz. NO to the municipal ban on feeding the Feline Colonies by volunteer neighbors, let them do their job to take care of the cats! Spain. City of Logroño, Government of La Rioja: stop exterminating healthy, young, adoptable dogs and cats! We ask for severe penalties for mistreatment and abandonment, mandatory sterilization and management of cat colonies through the CES Project!  The Catholic Church, through Pius V, already condemned bullfigting with the perpetual Bula Salutis Gregis Dominici. Pope Francis, intercede to finish once and for all these horrible spectacles! Argentina. Municipality of Zárate: justice for Dolar, tortured to death, condemn the perpetrators under application of Law 14,346 Maltreatment and Acts of Cruelty to Animals! Protect Your National Parks from Inappropriate Development
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