Friday, June 2, 2017

Petitions and More, June 2 End the Dog meat trade! Scroll down to sign  US-info. Tell Congress to Defund Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs! International petition, stop animal testing for cosmetics once and for all. Title, first, last name, email, country Int. Ask the Royal Veterinary College to stop experimenting on animals Ask Laval University to End the Use of Piglets in Its Pediatrics Residency Program! Cancel shipments to Israel! End all Live Exports to Israel! First, last name, email, send  If not signed yet. To impose a duty to de-sex feral cats in order to curb the excessive reproduction of cats, thus alleviating the suffering of cats in Switzerland SF Mayor Lee: Pass the First Tier of the Animal Bill of Rights  UK-info. I am writing to ask you, as my prospective parliamentary candidate, to pledge to protect animal welfare legislation should you be elected to parliament Once more. Say ‘No’ to pheasant shooting on Welsh public land US-info. Salt Lake County Council voted against contributing to protect Bonanza Flats. We need them to change their minds  US-info. Take Arctic Refuge Drilling Out of the Budget! Save Kurgalsky Reserve from the gas pipeline "Nord Stream 2" US-info. Trump Abandons Global Climate Agreement - What You Can Do US-info. Condemn Donald Trump's reckless abandonment of the Paris Climate Agreement! ZIP=5 digits. Save Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument ZIP=5 digits. Save Rio Grande del Norte National Monument  Put banks on notice and defund new tar sands pipelines US-info. President’s Budget Cuts Put Coastal Communities at Risk US-info. Tell your Governor to uphold the standards of the Paris Agreement Spain. Requesting a free Public Veterinary Hospital in Badalona Protect fauna and flora of Mount Slamet, Central Java, the last natural tropical forest, revoke the Baturaden PLTP License!
Save Nusakambangan Forest from Deforestation FWS: Don’t Allow Ringling Bros. to Ship Tigers to a German Circus! Demand Congress Stand Up To Trump and Make Fighting Climate Change a Top Priority Louisiana: Resist Trump's Efforts to Destroy our Coast and Communities
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