Friday, June 16, 2017

Petitions and More, June 16 Fight the Dog Meat Trade (a new Res. will be introduced) At least 2 more actions to take please!  US-info. Once more. BLM Moves to Slaughter America's Mustangs: Tell Congress No! Post your protest comment concerning wild horses and burro’s budget 2018, Protest the USFWS' proposal to radically scale back the range to occupy for the 28 Red Wolves left and to remove most of the wild wolves and to place them into captivity! US-info. Humane Cosmetics Act Needs Support to End Testing on Animals!  US-info. Tell Congress to reauthorize programs that protect Elephants, cosponsor the MSCF reauthorization! To send a tweet or email to Cecilia Malmström, the EU Commissioner for Trade!  Urge Your U.S. Representative to Protect Endangered Species with the WILD Act Orange Bowl Exploits Dolphins for a Football Game Moe’s, switch to healthier chicken breeds who are offered more space, sunlight, and enrichment to encourage natural behaviors!  Ask the US Government to Prevent Ringling Bros. from Sending Big Cats to a German Circus! ZIP=5 digits. Picket West Harms Forests and Communities, No to logging 6,000-acres of low elevation forests! ZIP=5 digits. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, I value our monuments and want them to remain protected! Costa Rica. National Animal Health Service, SENASA: do not kill the 49 cats and 1 dog confiscated by you from the rescuer Zita Soto Poveda, these animals were well cared for, she was gradually placing them in homes! Italy. Return the "Bear" dog, a 4 year old Rottweiler, well behaved and well cared for, to her owner! Spain. Protest. The City of Seville has decided to shoot and kill free flying exotic parrots, a controversial decision according to environmentalists, the animalistic sector and university experts Spain. Sant Joan Despí. Stop catching pigeons with illegal cages to let them die!ón-no-a-las-explosiones-en-los-pueblos-de-zamora  Spain. Junta de Castilla y León. Against explosions in the villages of Zamora to imitate an earthquake for studies! Stop Namibia's Export Of Young Elephants To Dubai Safari Park Investigate the Abuse of Stormy the Dog
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