Saturday, June 10, 2017

Petitions and More, June 10 As well, request an immediate change from the Eisai company to animal-free methods! Germany. A legal ban on animal experiments with severity "very burdensome”! Brazil. Florencio Varela (Buenos Aires), introduce programs for Free Sterilization and Vaccination (of dogs and cats) ! Prime Minister Trudeau: Make all bestiality a crime! Tell the CFIA: New transport rules still fail animals (copy/paste) If not signed yet. Protect Animals with the Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms  Write a letter to the editor of your local media outlet to encourage Congress to stand up for big cats France. Saint Pierre la Mer. For a few weeks, more or less 200 cats (number is discussed) errant and belonging to owners have been found poisoned, their bodies lying in the streets and gardens! Confirm please Justice for dogs, punish those responsible for mistreatment and abandonment 1) Fight the Dog Meat Trade 2) Don't Let Animal Abusers Hide Behind USDA Blackout ! Netherlands. City Council of Meierijstad, No to the construction of a megafactory for 18,000 pigs! US-info. Secretary Zinke, the public has already spoken and we want New Mexico’s public lands protected for generations to come!
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