Monday, June 26, 2017

Petitions and More, June 26 Support Frédéric Fromet in his right on freedom of expression, anti-bullfighting; to confirm Brazil. Ensure immediately that your government upholds Brazilian and international law and protects the lands of indigenous peoples nationwide! 
Mexico. Punishment for those who "forgot" that their pet Samira felt hungry and thirsty in the heat! Spain. Medio Cudeyo and the Government of Cantabria: investigate the severe abuse of this dog, found in a bag, in the trash container, still alive! Spain, Carlet, Valencia: create a municipal Animal Protection Dep. according to the wishes of the citizens, sterilize and make adoption possible! Turkey. Yalova . Punish those responsible for the poisoning, raping and killing in the dogpound and replace the staff! France.  Appoint a Minister for the Rights of Animals and Animal Welfare Spain. Requesting a sterilization program for the cats in the parks of the Benito Juárez CDMX! Facebook, allow us to receive donations for Puri Spain. Valmojado. No more barbarities with young Calves, used for bullfights, to humiliate and torture, as they did last year! Spain. Onda Cero Bilbao, program animal rights "Like the dog and the cat", do Not omit Bulls!  United against bullfighting, No to charging with contempt (jailtime) Peter Janssen for jumping into the bullfighting arena's in protest! Spain. Natural Park of Doñana, Aznalcóllar. We demand requalification of the burned land, immediate repopulation, and no storage of natural gas! Time Is Running Out. Take Action Now To Protect Our National Monuments! Make a public comment to protect national monuments from Trump! Protect the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
            =========  News and more    ========= Help Qi Ge, Zhao Xinqi, from Beijing China; Zhao (family name), Xinqi (first name), Swift ABOCCBBJ010, Sort Code 622840018610404073, Yufa Town, Beijing, Daxing 102602, China (use Google translate)
----------------------------------------- The U.S. wildlife official who led the delisting effort is the former chief lobbyist for a trophy hunting club!


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