Thursday, June 15, 2017

Petitions and More, June 15 Stop Namibia’s export of young elephants to Dubai Safari Park If not signed yet. Bullfights are a vice of our poisoned blood since ancient times France. Improve the conditions of the 2 horses in Noiseau, Val-de-Marne! To confirm Prohibit force-feeding of ducks and geese for the production of foie gras in France Belgium. Stop promoting meat and dairy products. Create campaigns to promote healthy vegetable eating habits ZIP=5 digits. Protect migratory birds from oil spills! Against the BC Hydro Site C Megaproject (Site C) Thailand. Prosecute ‘mymatenate’ for animal cruelty! 2 clips posted publicly on your social media channels as follows: - a cat being suspended in the air by helium balloons - a scorpion and cat being setup to fight together!  #mymatenate France. For mandatory sterilization of stray cats in the municipality of Wattrelos
 Fund Animal Refuge Foundation. Give all dogs the same opportunities About the video of a little dog walking on her two hind legs down a street in China: do not like, the 'training' is very abusive Belgium. Protest! 50 Nests of swallows deliberately destroyed at the request of one or more employees? In the castle D'Harzé France. Let's save the trees in Place Fernand Cocq, Ixelles Protect Vital Rainforests in the Congo Basin Protect Our Pets from "Hot Car" Deaths Mining disaster a breach of human rights - Urge the Premier of British Columbia to call a public inquiry
             ==========   News and more    ========= This Was Taken Off Of A U.S. Government Website, And Here's Why It Hurts Animals


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