Thursday, June 22, 2017

Petitions and More, June 22 US-info. Tell Congress to oppose budget proposals that threaten wild horses! Germany. Animal torturers must be condemned! Please confirm  US-info. Don't allow seismic airgun surveys in the Atlantic Ocean (Re: NOAA - 82 FR 26244)!  Don't approve a rezoning at Spring Bay that will turn 'open space' and 'environmental management' zones into 'industrial' zones for 'resource development' use, this is calving habitat for the endangered southern right whale! End Deadly Pair Trawling! Mr Turnbull - Stop the Super Trawlers!  If not signed yet. International Olympic Committee, take immediate steps to ensure that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is not built on the destruction of Sarawak’s precious remaining forests! White House: Release the Brandon Road Study, Stop Asian Carp! To sign, scroll down. Say no to big banks pouring billions into destructive fossil fuels Update, please take action on the countries listed; email, post or send a tweet!  This is the correct link. Germany. Against the torturing to death of animals in slaughterhouses! France. Let's save the 250 cats of the association Bon Oeil Bon Chat from euthanasia! Venezuela. Justicia for Cross, dog killed by Venezuelan military while raiding his home Ecuador. #JusticiaParaBruno Pitbull attacked with machetes Save Iceberg, the dog sentenced to death in Denmark Spain. To withdraw the program with a dog breeder from TV, "A Cara De Perro" Spain. Amend Law 42/2007 to allow the existence of these species in our territory, no to eradication!
Save the dunes of Oliva and its ecosystem Support the SAFE Act and End The Barbaric Horsemeat Trade! Protect Alaska's Bristol Bay from the Massive Pebble Mine Don't Let Our National Monuments Be Exploited For Drilling, Logging, and Mining The Vietnamese government must now finish the job and end bear farming for good!
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