Saturday, June 3, 2017

Petitions and More, June 3 USA: Prevent Widespread Slaughter of Our Wild Horses! Trump FY 2018 Budget:
a proposal to break up and kill off our treasured wild herds by transferring them to whomever will take them, including kill buyers for slaughterhouses! Protest, urgent! The USDA is threatening to kill hard-won protections for farm animals before they've even been put in place! France. Justice for a tortured cat in Darguignan , center of the town, who succumbed to injuries! Please confirm France. We demand a severe and exemplary punishment for the ignoble being who buried a living dog after beating him! US-info. Oregon. Ask members of the Ways and Means Committee to remove funding for Wildlife Services! 1. Justice for Mini-Horses Mowed Down by Drunk Driver 2. Shut Down Miserable Elephant Prison European Commission and European Parliament, a moratorium on all animal experiments! Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Accords is an act of vandalism on a global scale US-info. Reject Sam Clovis as USDA’s top scientist and leader We, the people of the United States, sign on to the Paris Agreement Mayor of Oroszlany, Hungary, Lazók Zoltán: the horrible fate and conditions for dogs in the killing dogpound, take action, allow visitors, and approve mediation for the animals, transport to Austria and Germany, before they die or are being killed! Spain. Requesting a national referendum against bullfighting Spain. Rober Iniesta, have your next concert in Plasencia on July 7 relocated, no to bullfighting, no to torture and murdering animals Stop the Killing of Greyhounds Worldwide! Speak Up to Save Pacific Walruses Gillnets are Choking this Rare Bird to Death CEOs: Leave Trump Business Council Over Paris Blunder Tell U.S. Leaders: Don't Back Out of Climate Action
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