Monday, June 5, 2017

Petitions and More, June 5 8 retweets from United Horse Warriors on Twitter ZIP=5 digits.  Object to the inclusion of language in the Omnibus spending bill to strip wild horses and burros of federal protection and open a back door route to killing potentially thousands of these national icons. Please ensure that this terrible problem is fixed in the 2018 spending bill! Once more. USA: Prevent Widespread Slaughter of Our Wild Horses!;jsessionid=00000000.app20103b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3197 US-info. Members of Congress, reject the President’s FY18 budget proposal, block the border wall and stand up for the Arctic Refuge! Needs 5000 signatures! Austrian and German government, for a statutory anchoring of an indiscriminate prohibition of slaughtering without sedation ! "Shafting" means a minutes-long, agonizing death struggle for the animals concerned More signatures please. Any act of cruelty to animals has to be considered a crime! To confirm US-info. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper telling them that you think we should keep the Endangered Species Act as strong as possible! Examples provided  Prime Minister of Spain: Please Ban Bullfights and Bull Runs! End All Animal Acts at SeaWorld and Release the Animals to Sanctuaries Plaza Mayor, stop cruel cub "playtime" and prohibit wild-animal displays Save Marine National Monuments! Protest campaign against the bird slaughter on Cyprus Stop genetically engineered trees Brazil. Stricter laws, raise penalties for those who abuse and neglect animals! Spain. Castellon. Requesting an animal protection unit within the police-force Austria. Vienna. Distributing poison baits for animals is a crime; politics and the police must finally act! Spain. Burgos. City Council, take the necessary suggested measures to prevent the placement of poison or any other type of paraphernalia that could harm animals that coexist in the green spaces of the city of Burgos, whether domestic animals or wildlife Italy. A law with a threefold purpose: having a register of dogs and therefore greater traceability of the owners, to encourage adoptions for bonuses and tax benefits related to large families, and especially to discourage abandonment Prohibit the sale of snakes on Reunion Island, to protect the fragile biodiversity. Dangerous species are strictly forbidden to enter the territory! Brazil. Say No to a bill that will reduce 35% of protected areas that were demarcated in the Amazon Rainforest! Increase surveillance and protect these areas more and more! Germany. Promote and encourage herbal, healthy, animal- and environmentally friendly alternatives instead of dairy school milk Mexico. No to the Free Trade Agreement, get Canadian Miners out of Mexico, the concessions have to be repealed, eliminated, suspended, too much devastation Bolivia. Against modifying the laws that protect the Ecological Cordon of Piraí, no to constructing half a dozen of bridges, roads and other works in the public domain! Spain. Let the autonomous community of Galicia be free of glyphosate! Spain. Aragon. Let's save the Ibón de Plan, save the Basa de la Mora  Mayor of Zante, Zakynthos, island Greece: investigate the barbaric murder of several stray dogs and prosecute the people responsible!  Greece.  Demand that the Mayor of Ierapetra accepts responsibility for the care of abandoned and abused animals in his town
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