Friday, June 30, 2017

Petitions and More, June 30  US-info. Three actions 1) S 503 and HR 1368, the Animal Welfare Accountability and Transparency Act 2) HR 816, the Federal Accountability in Chemical Testing Act 3) S 498 and HR 1243, the Battlefield Excellence through Superior Training Practices Act (BEST Practices Act) Mini tweetstorm to stop brutal live export slaughter pipeline of 100,000+ horses annually to Canada & Mexico. We have had enough! Pass new SAFE Act #HR113 2017! Retweet Once more, ask these key legislators to Stand With Our Wild Bands and support humane management and protection of America's wild horses. Start by tweeting at any or all of them by clicking below ZIP=5 digits. If not signed yet. Tell Congress to oppose budget proposals that threaten wild horses! ZIP=5 digits. If not signed yet. End horse slaughter, protect human health: Pass the SAFE Act For a Ban on Greyhound Racing! US-info. Let Legislators Know You Support the ESA and Oppose Cuts in Funding for Imperiled Species France. Hénaff, stop confinement of pigs in cages, stop mutilations! US-info. Urge your Congressperson to keep fighting to stop Asian Carp from invading the Great Lakes US-info. Support the Save Our Seas Act. S.756 introduced in the Senate, and a companion bill, introduced in the House, H.R.2748! US-info. Make a public comment to protect national monuments from Trump US-info. Oppose Wind Energy Development in Great Lakes Region Stop Adani’s giant reef-wrecking coal mine and failing on climate change Argentina. Punishment for the irresponsible owners who left their dog to die in the Agusanado street, Buenos Aires,  Florencio Varela Spain. Change the law that prohibits breaking the glass of a car to remove any animal Spain. Requesting modification for bullfights: no death or torture of the bull; prohibition of the use of utensils that damage the bull and only allow the use of the cloak Pass a law that prohibits mistreatment and abuse of animals, horses. That includes releasing animals used for cargo, province of Formosa, Argentina Spain. Environmental justice for the ecological disaster occurred in the Guadalquivir (Córdoba) Germany. Save the trees at the Ludwigsplatz, Alsfeld: look for another solution for heavy transport! Keep the world's dirtiest fuel out of Arctic waters No official target. Stop the long and cruel death of thousands of animals for cosmetic products that Nestlé distributes!
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