Saturday, April 1, 2017

Petitions and More, April 1 US-info. Urgent: Demand Trump Veto Bill H.J. Res. 69, Veto Killing Alaska Wildlife!  US-info. Demand that President Trump veto a bill allowing unethical killing of wildlife in our National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska!  Tweetsheet, once more please (To go back to the Tweetsheet, right-click on the upper left arrow and choose it again)  More signatures please. Stop Whaling in Norway and Iceland! To confirm  Needs more signatures.  End the secrecy and ensure that Bristol University, each year, releases to the public upon request, or on its website, the numbers and types of animals at the laboratories there  ZIP=5 digits. Support the Pet Safety and Protection Act,  (H.R. 1141), to ban random source Class B dealers, which collect dogs and cats from shelters, breeders, and hunters and then sell them to labs Norway, Energy and Environment Committee: we want a better, not worse, management of Wolves and other large carnivores in Norway. Do not weaken the draft Act!  Send an email! Scroll down please, copy/paste, send to  Two tweets as well
--------------------------  More attention please. LMA, crack down on animal cruelty by requiring auctions to install video monitoring systems that live stream to the Web As well. EU animals are transported live to countries outside the EU, they suffer terrible abuse and cruel treatment!  Call on 24 EU Agriculture Ministers to support changes to the law on animal welfare during transport! Casino, stop encouraging animal abuse in Brazil!  ZIP=5 digits. Support H.R. 1727, the Limiting Inhumane Federal Trapping (LIFT) Act! US-info. Cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R. Ban the ankus (‘bullhook’) in UK zoos! ZIP=5 digits. Don’t let the GOP House sacrifice our public lands to Big Oil US. Advocate for the Endangered Species Act by attending a meeting or town hall while senators and representatives are back home in their states and districts Please stop sprawl for good on the Greenbelt All these (204) petitions need more signatures, open with ‘click’  (start with the main countries please) Don't Let Duke Energy Bury Its Coal Ash Problem
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