Friday, March 31, 2017

Petitions and More, March 31 Tweetstorm! Please join and share! Copy/paste the Dutch letter (scroll down), send. Use Fb, Twitter Copy/paste Japanese letter to send/post online. Use Fb, Twitter  More media contacts. Ongoing Virtual Worldwide Media Appeal to Stop This Evil Trade  Michael Kors and CEO of the company, stop selling all fur now  Call and write your legislators in the House and Senate and tell them to vote against the bear hunt bill and that you want bears in Connecticut left alone
If not signed yet US-info. Urge Your Representative to Help End Orca Captivity  King Mohammed VI, give the immediate order to stop the systematic massacres of stray dogs in Morocco! Spain. Náquera. Justice for the 3 cats from a controlled colony, shot to death! Mexico. Mtro.Guillermo Hopkins Gámez. Director de la Casa de Moneda. The kittens have disappeared before we could trap them. Stop your cruel methods towards animals, violating the law and violating life! Argentina.  Chivilcoy. Our dogs have disappeared. We want to hear about the 'commitment' of the municipality for stray animals! Argentina. Municipality of Juarez Celman. We want a chance to save abandoned/stray dogs! Spain. Granada. We demand the help of the city council of Granada to yield land to the association Animal Awareness Granada in order to be able to care for injured and abandoned animals Brazil. City Hall of São Paulo. Improve the lives of our abandoned animals! We urge Morocco to immediately ban illegal animal slaughter, including donkeys and horses Spain. Protest! The Andalusian Hunting Federation, the Spanish Association of Rehalas and the Association of Hunting Lands, is promoting an administrative file in order to obtain the declaration as a Property of Cultural Interest of the 'monterías and rehalas', as well as its subsequent inclusion in the General Catalog of the Historical Heritage of Andalusia! Disapprove! Argentina. Transfer the 2 female bears in the Mendoza zoo to a suitable reserve! Spain. Town Hall of Tudela de Duero. Protest against the abuse of power, apply the same rules/laws for everyone
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