Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Petitions and More, April 5  Needs many more signatures. Ask the Minister to implement Animal Birth Control in Kerala As well.  Mr. Prabhulal Saini, hon'ble Minister of Agriculture, Rajashthan, End Intensive Dairies Please Lift the Cloud Darkening Canada's 150th Birthday by Ending the Commercial Seal Slaughter! Stop the abuse of elephant babies - punish those responsible in Zoo Hannover, Germany!  ZIP=5 digits. Thank you for stepping up for a wild Arctic Refuge Scroll down to participate in 3 actions Protest. Revelations about the Telethon-funded experiments on dogs. National Veterinary School of Alfort, France, dogs treated to develop a paralyzing muscle disease Brazil. Scroll down for English text. Against PEC 304/2017, known as PEC of the Vaquejadas! It will legalize all types of animal cruelty in the name of 'culture', currently prohibited atrocities such as bullfights and other 'events' with bulls and other animals! Mexico. Animals in the zoo Miguel Alvarez del Toro, in the state of Chiapas are dying of negligence! Mexico. Stop the abuse of squirrels, delegation Miguel Hidalgo, take a closer look at the issue by not allowing animal abuse in this park Trump Signs Hunting Wildlife Bill, House Joint Resolution 69, just made it legal to shoot bears from airplanes-we must stop this before we have no wildlife to protect! Tell Walmart to change its turtle-killing canned tuna now Let's get plastic bottle return schemes in the UK  Stand up to Trump’s dangerous and radical anti-environment agenda
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