Saturday, April 29, 2017

Petitions and More, April 29  Needs many more signatures. India, Kerala, Minister, we ask you to implement Animal Birth Control statewide! To re-tweet: HR 30, against the dog and cat meat trade, China, Yulin Needs more signatures! Petition against animal experiments ZIP=5 digits. Support The Florida Black Bear Habitat Restoration Act Denmark: requesting legislation to make it compulsory to mark, spay and neuter and register cats .... Once again. Help Shut Down Cruel Horse and Donkey Facilities  Actions Peta India, if not signed yet More signatures are welcome. Newborn elephant calves at these four UK zoos will be trained to perform for the public through the fear of an ankus unless we, as the UK public, call for better treatment of captive elephants US-info. Tell your Senators: Don't let Trump hand our oceans over to Big Oil US-info. Support critical legislation to fight Trump's assault on our coasts and permanently protect the Arctic and Atlantic, and all American coastal waters, from drilling   ????????? US-info. Resist Trump’s efforts to drill off our coasts  Please support legislation to prevent new offshore oil drilling. Protect our seas from oil spills! Tell The EPA You Support Regulations That Protect Our Environment Turkey. Adana. Protesting the treatment of the mother of cats, abandoned animals, volunteers forced to leave their homes Argentina. National Park IguazĂș. Free the captured puma in Cataratas. Wildlife, captured from it's home! We Demand Animal Cruelty Charges Be Filed Immediately Against Lion's Gate Sanctuary For Murder Of 11 Innocent Animals Demand Ruperta, A Sick and Starving Elephant be Urgently Rescued From a Zoo In Venezuela, and sent to Sanctuary
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