Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Petitions and More, April 12 Africa, and Canada, please help save the Korean dogs! Click each of the countries below to take action (scroll down for original language)  ZIP=5 digits. Tell Wildlife Officials to Prioritize Wolf Conservation Over Conflict Alerts from the Animal Welfare Institute Against the massacre of bears, wolves and their offspring in Alaska set up by Trump (Trump) Against the hunting of bears, wolves and their cubs in Alaska Italy, Municipality Centuripe. Help us to combat the problem of stray animals in Centuripe (ENNA) Brazil. Alagoas. Castration programs and free care for abandoned dogs and cats To check the petitions, open ‘click’; most of them need more signatures Justice for J'pura University dogs who were dumped/killed inhumanely and to condemn the Vice Chancellor of the University for ordering this inhumane act. Sri Lanka
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  1. Please sign this petition asking South Korea to ban cat and dog meat: