Saturday, April 22, 2017

Petitions and More, April 22 Protest, EU animals - shipped to Turkey and the Middle East! Confirm please 1. Eye Spy a Cruelty-Free Lie, fur farming 2. Thank You for Making the Effort to Save Wally the Pig
Spain. Commune 11 of CABA. Help us create an animal shelter and improve the situation of abandoned pets in the streets. Next: Cordoba Zoo Take Action to Protect California's Mountain Lions, Support Assembly Bill 8! 3 actions against animal testing, once more Time to put a CAP on meat consumption! Questionnaire Prevent the passage of Hydro-Québec’s Northern Pass transmission line in the Québec portion of a protected area of Mount Hereford No to the slaughter of three healthy flocks of ducks and chickens in Gabat, Domezain and Barcus, Basque Country. To confirm Turkey. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. Justice for the dogs poisoned at the Hülya Park in Ankara, find and arrest the killers! Tell Ryan Zinke: Protect Wildlife on Alaska's Refuges Tell the Feds: Save Giraffes from Extinction
             =========    News and more   ======== Updates, Boycott Dog & Cat Meat Trade Worldwide


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