Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Petitions and More, April 19 ZIP=5 digits. Tell the FWS you support Jaguar recovery efforts wherever there is potential habitat in the United States!  Once more. Make our Public Lands Cruelty Free: Ban Trapping, Poisoning and Aerial Gunning on our Public Lands! Latest alert: Tell Industry Group to Stop Poisoning Animals!
Needs more attention
Spain. City Council of El Escorial and Commission of Young Men, Married and Widowed: Rejection of animal abuse implicit in the Becerrada! UK-info. If you've nothing to hide, hide nothing! CCTV in abbatoirs campaign  Once more. Stop long distance transport France: oppose the extension of the SARL La Vallée which will produce 30,000 pigs per year! Russia. More than 300 dogs rescued and retrieved from the streets of the city Shchyolkovo are in a shelter on the verge of life and death. Do not delay any longer, we need the necessary documents, gas, electricity and water! Mexico. Delegate of Xochimilco Avelino Méndez, install the water supply to the Milagros Caninos Association, sanctuary for ill dogs; dogs do need water! Spain. Aragon. Stop the presence of animals during cattle markets, stop the abuse and neglicence Turkey. Serik Rixos Hotels and mayor: free the 1,800 dolphins, walrus and beluga whale from the amusement park Close Europe's first zoophilic prostitution  house in Copenhagen, Denmark, dogs handed over to prostitution! Help Save The Rare Kordofan Giraffe in Central Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo From Extinction Protect our rivers, lakes, and streams from pro-polluter politicians
          =========   News and more   ========== Requires the establishment and use of a statewide #animal abuser registry in #Nevada Passed out of the senate committee!

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