Friday, April 7, 2017

Petitions and More, April 7  Sign the petition, if not signed yet. For a ban on aerial gunning, trapping and poisoning on our public lands. It is time we embrace an ethic of compassionate coexistence! ZIP=5 digits. Tell BLM: Say “No” to Expansion of Gold Mine in Wild Horse Habitat! Deadline April 17 Brussels, EU: We do Not want our tax money disappear in mega animal factories, animal cruelty and pollution! Wolves are just beginning to return to historic habitats and need thier federal protections maintained! UK-info. If not signed yet, and respons Gov. As soon as the UK exits the EU legislate to end the export of live farm animals Georgia. Gori. Find and punish under the law the killer of this dog, beaten to death Chile. Create a Memorial for Camilo Navea, young boy, murdered last April 1 for defending a stray dog ​​in Plaza AnĂ­bal Pinto Indonesia. Bekasi. Protesting animal and wildlife abuse; demanding a vet’s clinic Mexico. Taco Holding, put an end to this cruelty to chickens  France. Create a Dep./Min. for Animal protection San Francisco Chinese Consulate: Help End the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! Argentina. Protest. Government of the Province of Misiones. In Iguazu National Park, a Puma has been spotted, the authorities will reward capturing, or killing this animal!
               ========  News and more   ==========  Alaska’s Intensive Predator Management: The Shocking Reality A SHARK drone exposes the horrendous warehousing of Beagles by Covance Research Products in Cumberland, Virginia


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