Friday, April 28, 2017

Petitions and More, April 28 Once more. Tell Congress to Defund Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs! Actions, if not signed yet Australian cattle being sledgehammered to death in a Vietnamese abattoir Italy-info. Allocate 50% of funds earmarked for research in the biomedical and health research for the development of alternative methods! Firma la petizione US-info.  Co-sponsor the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act, "The Wildest Bill on the Hill!" Sign for a Common Agrarian Policy respectful of people and nature US-info. Once more. Resist Trump's Attacks on Our National Monuments US-info. Trinity Post Fires Hazard Reduction and Salvage Project - Support Alternative 5 US-info. Donald Trump is proposing massive tax breaks for billionaires, corporations and pass-through entities Stop Trump from gutting the EPA and putting our air and water at risk! Indonesia. Bali. Allow and regulate entry and exit (adoption) of animals, as in the rest of the world, with vaccines, chips and passports Germany. Bavarian Landtag, approve and apply Spay and Neuter programs according to § 13 b TierSchG, against Cat-misery in Bavarian communities! Turkey. Stop and punish these atrocities towards animals (in front of children)  No official target. Turkey. Stop (sport) hunting birds Turkey. Gerede. Clean up pollution from the leather and textile industry Protect Endangered Wildlife: End Conflict Minerals Australian Government, Make Domestic Violence Refuges More Pet Friendly
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