Monday, April 17, 2017

Petitions and More, April 17 Scroll down to sign the petition. HBD, Canada--Now Stop Slaughtering Seals, Prime Minister Trudeau, stop subsidizing the violent murder of Seal pups! Whaling ban for Norway! Appeal to the EU Environment Commissioner
....... Protest. The Roe 8 issue has gone beyond the building of a road and destruction of wetlands!
About many petitions, initially signed, show up as being NOT signed! You might recheck petition-lists for this (at least March and April) and to be sure, log-out first (if logged in ‘automatically’!) and log-in the correct way again! Russia. Krasnodar. Stop killing the unfortunate homeless animals! Spain. Cuenca. Give the management over the dogpound to an animal protection group, Not to a company that will kill all the dogs after 21 days; improve care and the living conditions! Mexico. Children presented a bill before Congress for the conservation and protection of animals/wildlife, since there is no federal law France. Increase CCVUSP grants so that the refuge of the Ubaye Valley is a reflection of well-being for dogs, more means, less killings Spain. We need a public veterinary hospital in Badalona Incl. English text. Prevent the killing of Birds! Chilquinta Energia SA, subsidiary company of Sempra Energy, adapt these electricity poles immediately! Russia. Government, ban the transport of dolphins in "bins" for Mobile Dolphinaria Demand the NSW Government Protects Koalas and Stops its Koala Habitat Secret Land Sale! Needs many more signatures. Tell the USDA: Protect Pets and Wildlife From Cyanide Land Mines! As well. Save the Vaquita - Boycott Mexican Shrimp!
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