Saturday, April 15, 2017

Petitions and More, April 15 These need more signatures Members of the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board: do Not support the trapping proposal, which seeks to expand Otter trapping season. Please act in the best interest of not only these animals, but also the majority of residents in Vermont who do not support additional trapping pressure on our wildlife! Due by April 21. To:,
Cc: Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department,  
-------------------- ZIP=5 digits. Tell your senator to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 2 Actions for animals, Stop Cetacean Cruelty, Stop Bid to Slaughter Elephants for Trophies and Ivory! Petitions against Bullfighting and other cruel events! Please use (Google) translate Against the hunting of bears, wolves and their cubs in Alaska, signed by Donald Trump! Confirm please Australian Homemade Ice Cream, Belgium, stop using cage eggs Russia. Administration in Krasnogorsk: stop your sabotage, stop mass poisoning dogs, spayed and neutered animals and pets, stop fooling activists and the public, stick to the humanitarian program only to regulate the number of stray animals! Send your messages, emails provided! Russia. Stop the abuse and neglect of horses in the Smolensk region! Malaysia, Penang Gov. For a stray free Penang too - in a kind and humane way TNRM Puerto Rico. Ban the illegal puppy breeding and selling trade immediately Spain. No to the shooting to kill of abandoned dogs in LeciƱena, Zaragoza, this is against the Animal protection law! Support Research to Stop Ocean Pollution Don't Let Congress Dismantle the Endangered Species Act Protect the Arctic from Future Oil Spills Last Chance to Protect our Greenbelt from Greedy Developers Urge the Delaware River Basin Commission to Permanently Ban Fracking Urge the Delaware River Basin Commission to Permanently Ban Fracking
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  1. Having problem with petitionsite.
    Like the issue, some were shown as unsigned. Had to sign it multiple times to get it done.

  2. same problem here; have to sign out at all times when starting with sign in again, the way it should be done..) Notified them several times, but no 'expert' reply. Many signers might discover that they actually did not sign petitions at all, which is, to say the least, very disappointing, especially looking at the aspect of animals' wellbeing, the results in % people agreeing with requests for changes, and for justice, are misleading this way (too low...) I might repost many petitions again, it's the only way

  3. I'm glad i have no issue with anymore.
    For the petitionsite, i went to check the last series of petitions that was successfully signed, and it was dated last year december 9th...
    Going to go through all of it till that date after they fixed it.

    Thank goodness for your blog that kept everything intact.

    I guess for petitionsite, it might have something to do with the error "We've had trouble reaching you by email. Please enter a new email address or click "Sign Now" to confirm". But it was fine when i clicked confirm to sign. Never thought that they didn't register my signature.