Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Petitions and More, April 26 US-info. Urge your representatives to ensure that any anti-wolf riders which undermine the Endangered Species Act and its scientific process are NOT included in any bill to fund the government for the remainder of FY 2017 ! US-info, to call. Congress will vote this week on a budget to fund the government and avoid a shutdown. The Republican majority is threatening to attach sneaky anti-wolf “riders” to the thousands-pages-long, must-pass budget!  US-info, to call.  Pass a clean continuing resolution without any amendments that weaken protections for wildlife or target the Endangered Species Act! Oppose bills S.B. 458, H.B. 2107, H.B. 2589 and S.B. 371, all of which would put Cougars at great risk of barbaric hounding!  Support Assembly Bill 8, which would give the California Department of Fish and Wildlife greater flexibility when responding to mountain lion depredations  Support Legislative Bill 448 to end Mountain Lion hunting in Nebraska! Take Action on 3 Bills that Would Protect Wildlife in New Mexico! Forest Service: prohibit trapping in the Caja del Rio and other areas of Santa Fe National Forest! US Fish and Wildlife Service: work to restore Mountain Lions to their historic range! Stop Cruelty to Bulls and Horses, gored to death, in Michoacán! Once more. Canada’s seal slaughter Once more. Support the new moratorium for the Leuser Ecosystem Demand that BNP Paribas does not allow their private profit to risk the extinction of the South Texas Ocelots! Needs 100,000 sign. Stand up to protect the Great Northern Forest! More attention please. Protect Penguin Habitat in East Antarctica and the Weddell Sea Italy. Stop the poisoning of animals in Grotte, AG! Russia. To prohibit by law the mass persecution of the dogs in the city of Almetyevsk! Russia. For the protection of cats -  leave one air hole in the basement of each house open for  animals! Russia. Stop animal abuse in Omsk zoo, Bolshereche village! Russia. As well Russia.  Protest. Omsk region, Bolshereche village zoo, the terrible state of the zoo's conditions for the animals Russia.  Omsk region. Protest against the terrible conditions of the animals in the "zoo Bolsherechensky"! Russia. State Duma Voronova and 8 others: Improve the lives of animals in zoos (Bolsherechensky zoo) ! Russia. Bolsherechensky Zoo. Omskaya area. Protest. The animals live under horrible conditions... Russia. Gov. Perm. Help NGO "I am human" to open the first shelter for homeless animals in Tchaikovsky, Perm region!  Russia. Dalnegorsk. To create a shelter with care, vaccinations and food, for homeless animals Russia. Samara region. Sergius area. Say No! to harassment and abuse of animals! Russia. Start the construction of a caring shelter for homeless animals in Saransk  Demand that the UK government increases funding for alternative research instead of testing on animals!
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