Monday, April 10, 2017

Petitions and More, April 10  Scroll down for the Russian letter to copy/paste and send; send a Tweet as well US-info. More sign. please. Tell Congress to Defund Dog Abuse at Veterans Affairs Labs! UK-info. Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act (claiming their pursuit and killing of a hunted animal was “unintentional” enables hunters to carry on as if there were no ban at all!) Protest! Seismic blasting for oil is happening right now between Napier and Kaikoura, NZ,  on behalf of Statoil and Chevron Spain. No to the mass slaughter of the feline colonies in Cabra Còrdoba! La France. Philippe LaCoste, stop the use of fur, stop the horror of the fur industry! No to the sea lion slaughter in Santa Rosa and San José, Lambayeque, Peru! Spain. No to the clearing of forest land in the area of ​​Torre-Romeu and Sant Nicolau, in Sabadel; protect wildlife! Boycott tourist travel to Alaska until hunting restrictions are restored on national wildlife refuges  Slaughtering hibernating bears and cubs, wolf cubs in dens, targeting defenseless animals from helicopters Demand that Kyle Corbin, of Maine NY, be given the maximum sentence for Felony of Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, for the brutal murder of a Dog
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