Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Petitions and More, March 1 Don’t forget to continue! After a tweet, click right on the upper arrow at your left, choose the tweet sheet again for the next tweet. If asked to omit images (letter tweets), just remove in your tweet before tweeting it Shocking. Stop the trucks! European Commission, start working on a revision of Regulation 1/2005 for live transport! Please contact the D.A.: cat torturer's preliminary hearing 3/13/17, 9:30 AM.  Please email DA Wolfson and respectfully request No Plea deals for Denise Antoinette and Immanual Z. Church! Request the Maximum penalty for this horrific torture and cruelty! Email:  Tweet:  #Justice4Babygirl #PunishAnimalAbusers maximum penalty and no plea deals for these horrendous crimes!  No to the shooting of Otters and other protected species in Niederösterreich, Austria! Urgent. Help Ensure Rejected Rabbit Farm Doesn't Go Ahead in Staffordshire! France. Prevent the closure of Wildlife Animal Care Center, Volée de Piafs, founders Didier Masci and Marie Sillières! Confirm` What you can do for Lasah today, 2 petitions (if not signed yet) , 1 tweet! Once more, scroll down please: Ban the ankus CFIA: Protect consumers from false animal welfare labels  Call for a full public inquiry with the powers of a Royal Commission into the handling of the Roe 8 and Perth Freight Link project;jsessionid=032686312FE870780F496E853B23FC3E-n4 ZIP=5 digits. EPA, we need to know how much pollution is caused by fracking
Tweet: Let’s end overfishing with a North Sea fisheries plan that will #RespectTheLimit!  #NSMAP Stop the merger of Bayer and Monsanto Spain. Terminate the contract, close the worst dogpound in Spain, Olivenza, and relocate the remaining starving, sick dogs! Italy. Introduce fees as "image rights" , for using images of animals for their preservation Stop dolphins, porpoises and whales dying in UK fishing gear
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