Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Petitions and More, March 22

( ZIP=5 digits. Tell your senators: Don’t re-open the door to gassing wolf pups in dens or hunting grizzlies from planes, vote No on S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res. 69!) The Senate has just passed H.J. Resolution 69. This is a terrible sad day for Alaska’s wildlife, a victory for sadists, again
( US-info. Urgent call for help: Protect Predators on National Wildlife Refuges in Alaska! Vote No on  S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res 69!) The Senate has just passed H.J. Resolution 69. Please contact the TV networks, newspapers, social media platforms and request that they broadcast this documentary! Unfortunately, New Mexico SB 268, the bill that would have banned Coyote killing contests in New Mexico, failed to get a hearing on the House floor before the state's legislative session ended this past Saturday! Send a thank you to those who cosponsored it  Oppose the draft amendment to Article R 427-6 of the Environment Code, which provides for the extension of the classification of "harmful" species for a period of 6 years, with the help of agricultural and hunting circles! No less than 2,000 weasels, 3,000 goats, 17,000 martens, 22,000 badgers and 430,000 foxes are killed every year in France! US-info. For new policies to keep our forests standing  Canada-info. Stand up to protect the Great Northern Forest  Government leaders worldwide: Prohibit the use of neonicotinoids Argentina. Requesting massive canine and feline castrations at the national level Brazil. Where do abandoned animals go? Requiring more effective public policies to combat cases of mistreatment, neglect and other degrading situations! Oppose SJR 18/HJR 69! Protect Alaska's Native Wildlife (just passed....)
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