Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I will Boycott Mexican Shrimp! Only 30 Vaquita's remaining!

To:; SALES@SHRIMPARADISE.COM;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Subject: I will Boycott Mexican Shrimp! Only 30 Vaquita's remaining!

Dear Sir, Madam:

I was shocked to learn that only 30 vaquita porpoise remain in the wild, and that the vaquita’s extinction is imminent unless we take drastic action.

The temporary, two-year ban on gillnetting put in place by Mexico in April 2015 has not been enough, as vaquita continue to die and fishermen continue to use gillnets in violation of the ban!
Vessels are also fishing illegally inside the Vaquita Refuge Area, an area set aside explicitly for the species’ conservation.

Due to these ongoing threats to the vaquita, I will not be purchasing any Mexican shrimp products until the government of Mexico puts into place an immediate, indefinite ban on the use of all gillnets in the Upper Gulf of California.

In addition, I ask that you urge the government of Mexico to ensure that transparent monitoring mechanisms, net removals, and strong enforcement of all regulatory measures be enacted to allow for the recovery of the vaquita population.


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