Monday, March 27, 2017

Petitions and More, March 27

----------------------- Needs 50,000 sign. Speak up for Cats. Help change the law on air gun ownership in England and Wales! Request to modify the bill of 'protection of life and welfare of companion animals' of the Galician Autonomous Government, Spain. We want to have the right to feed and assist "wandering" animals, in controlled areas, as required by law; to be able to continue feeding, caring for and collecting "stray" cats and dogs! Spain. Justice for 2,865 Dogs and Cats who suffered and died in the facilities of Animal park, Parque Animal Torremolinos, and prosecute Carmen Marín Aguilar and Felipe Barco, also for fraude! Spain. Town Hall Torremolinos: remove the rule to fine people who take care of cats with 250 Euro's! Incl. English. Say No to the Centre Party's, Senterpartiet, proposal to prohibit rescued dogs access to Norway; yes to tighter restrictions! Russia. Against the loss of biodiversity in the Russian Federation! Save the endangered animals! France. Protest! Mauguio, municipality of the Hérault, continues to practice the barbarity of the bullfights and other "bullfighting games", novilladas etc ...! Spain. Protest! The Junta de Andalucía considers La Malagueta as a Property of Cultural Interest, the place where Bulls are tortured to death! Spain. Eliminate the "Tendido cero" program with Bullfighting from TVE2! South Africa: Protect Rhinos from Poaching - Don’t Legalize the Trade of Rhino Horn! Ask your MP to strengthen laws to protect puppies. Needs more signatures  Support a Ban on the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs at Pet Stores
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