Thursday, March 16, 2017

Petitions and More, March 16 H. Res. 30, condemn China’s cruel dog and cat meat trade!  New Tweetsheet  Send your message, post it on Fb, or use Twitter!  Demand protection for the orangutans of Sungai Putri, one of the few remaining primary forests in West Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo)!  US-info. Please urge your senators to oppose S. J. RES. 18 which would revoke the USFWS rule protecting wildlife on Alaska national wildlife refuges!  US-info. Find out how your representative voted on H J res 69, the Killing Baby Animals in Alaska Act, and send a message!  Horses declared to be 'livestock' instead of domestic animals following Kentucky State House Committee vote. Kentucky residents, take action!  Everybody, tweet: #Help #Save #Kentucky #Horses  NM-info. Vote 'yes' on HB 390 to give horse shelters the first right of refusal to protect abandoned and abused equines. It greatly increases the humane outcomes for these horses and allows horse rescues to expend their donor funds caring for the horses rather than bidding against others in auction!  ZIP=5 digits. Jaguars can recover and even thrive in the wild with our help – but we’ll need more of them and unobstructed corridors between Mexico and the U.S.  Wisconsin-info only. Don't Let Cat Killing Hunter Get Away With Murder, tell Waushara County Sheriff's Department to Investigate Sam Wood! Tweetsheet for Kerala-India’s suffering Elephants (if not finished yet)
-------------- France. I shelter and feed Cats in my garage that I rent since 1993; It displeased some co-owners who went to complain to the society of HLM where I live since 1983,  so I received a decision of expulsion! I am 75 years old and the presence of these cats does not bother anyone! Confirm signature, please!  UK-info. UK badger culls to be debated in Westminster on 27th March; urge your MP to attend the debate and oppose further killing! AU-info. Send a message to save our Sanctuaries  Save the Bees, Canada must ban Neonics Tell your Senators: Don't let Trump make massive cuts to the EPA!  Mexico.  Regulate the mass slaughter of donkeys in Mexico, for the export of their skin to China!   Ban Ejiao Chinese medicine (dubious qualities) to save Millions of Donkey's from being skinned alive! Argentina.  SOS Animals: requesting the creation of an official body to carry out joint programs for animals throughout the country Turkey. On the 11th day of their hunger strike! Sevim Arkan, housewife Ayşe Kök and Ugurcan Saban, 18 years old, made shelter in the same region where 250 street dogs live in the garbage dump, inner area of ​​Inkum Hill. The violence towards our animals is no longer acceptable. All we want is necessary legal arrangements for the protection of animals! Mexico. Protest. Instead of a Rescue and Animal Care Center in Morelia to a deathcamp/dogpound under the directives of Regidor Katia Ortiz!  Banca de Mexico, Casa de Moneda de México, facilities located in Amistad No. 707, Col. Irrigation: Stop the disappearance of Cats living around your installations!  Spain. Ciempozuelos City Council, reconsider and give us the animal collection service; we have shown how to do this work, with adoptions, medical care, volunteers and educators! Turkey. Büyükçekmece Municipality violates law 5199 for Animals; we want our dogs put back in the same area!   If not signed yet. Vietnam Airlines: Stop shipping monkeys to their doom in Russia for unmentionable experiments!   If not signed yet. Stop the atrocities at the baby monkey lab at the University of Washington and shut it down for good!  Tell Congress: Help Save Vanishing Species. Needs a lot of attention! Phoenix Suns: Stop Sponsoring Dolphin Abuse
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