Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Petitions and More, March 15  US-info. House Bill 1665 has already passed the Arkansas House and moved out of committee in the Senate. The law would allow factory farm employers to sue whistleblowers directly! (Arkansas Travel Boycott if HB 1665 Passes ) Needs 50,000 sign. The blood of pregnant Mares contains the hormone PMSG. To win this hormone for the pharmaceutical industry, thousands of horses are tormented to death ! Tweet: Pferdequal auf Blutfarmen: @idtbiologika, wollen Sie das verantworten?  Facebook:  or to send a message
----------------------------------  Rep. Javier Martinez (505) 986-4436  Please contact him and urge him to support Senate Bill 268 to end coyote-killing contests in New Mexico now! NM. Urgent Action Needed: Support Low Cost Spay/Neuter Funding - YES on HB123! Three tweets, open the link, and retweet please, judicial members voting Thurs in NM  .#noslaughter Protect Wild Horses! US-info. Tell Congress to Ban U.S. Horse Slaughter & Export for Once and for All! US-info. Tell Trump Administration: Please Fix This! America's wild horses and burros are protected by an Act of Congress as "living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West." But the federal government treats them like pests! The Bornean Orangutans are now officially classified as “critically endangered” ZIP=5 digits.  Senators, protect the FDA, EPA, and USDA South Korea: Stop the impossible life and death by torture of dogs and cats South Korea: Stop the impossible life and death by torture of dogs and cats Argentina. Justice for the female dog, skinned and murdered by sadists in Rosario, Santa Fe! Russia. Requesting approval of animal rights in the constitution and legally protect them from abuse and torture Russia. Rostov. Protest! March 7, Russia's Supreme Court overturned the decision of the regional court, not allowed to return the stray cats and dogs in their place of capture! (Catch, and kill is the policy now) Russia. Please stop the massacres of dogs and violations of Russian legislation in Novokuznetsk! Stop the massacre and poisoning of dogs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Ukraine, Kiew! France. Exemplary punishment for those who massacred the rhino of Thoiry Zoo! Spain. Town Hall: request for a safe area for the cat colony "Moixos de Canamunt", since their current spaces are disappearing ...targets  Immediately end the torture of bears for Chinese medicines
            ========   News and more   ======== Conservation Groups Oppose Effort to Remove Wolf Protections in California


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