Thursday, March 23, 2017

Petitions and More, March 23

-------------------------------- France. Stop the killing of 'stray' dogs authorized by the mayor of Bazouges-la-PĂ©rouse! Confirm please Scroll down to take part. Implementing a Ban on Cosmetic Testing on Animals UK-ZIP. Call for an end to the badger culls in favour of a more effective solution incorporating vaccination, increased cattle movement control measures and improved testing Germany. Needs 10,000 emails. A ban on sow caging and start financially supporting animal friendly surroundings  Tweetstorm starting March 30, to join! US. Make a Call for Nature: Oppose Cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency! Ukraine. We demand to justify defending animals from murderers by Zaur Pruidze, animal hero of Ukraine, protesting the prosecutor's verdict who said that Zaur will face imprisonment from 8 to 15 years! China. Stop the horrible practice of boiling ducklings alive! If not signed yet. Help Stop the Relentless Wolf Killing in Idaho Spain. Galicia. Requesting modification of the following points of the Xunta de Galicia’s preliminary draft of the law for the protection and well-being of pets: we request to be allowed to feed and help the street animals, whether they are part of controlled colonies or not. We ask that private individuals be able to continue  feeding, taking care of and retrieving cats and dogs from the streets! Argentina. Urgently reform Law 14346, against the mistreatment and acts of cruelty of animals in Argentina! More appropriate sanctions! Stop the barbarity of this festival where these poor dogs are tortured (Yulin)  No true target Spain. SOS for Perrera Vitoria: not enough space for the dogs, cats and horses; dogs are fighting, and the weak die of low temperatures! Spain. Improve the conditions at the dogpound in Sevilla  Spain. Stop the indiscriminate sale of sick puppies in Barcelona, Close Doggis, Descartes 22 Uruguay. Stop the sponsorship of the Municipal Intendance of Montevideo to the Rural Association of Uruguay, for the jinetedadas, cruelty for horses and bulls! Mexico. Improve the living conditions of all animals in the Pagayo Acapulco Park Germany. Protect this natural area against being removed as a landscape conservation area Demand Safe Relocation of 20 Year+ Cat Colony & Prosecute Employee for Trafficking, Vandalism Tell Congress: Protect Conservation Funding Oppose Rollbacks on U.S. Climate Action
            =======  News and more   ====== Voting, HJ Res 69, Alaska’s wildlife doomed to horror. You can see how all senators voted here. No Democrats voted in favor, and no Republicans voted against 27 July 2017: Panel discussion on the displacement of native wildlife by invasive livestock  Boycott Dog & Cat Meat Trade Worldwide - How to help stop this EVIL trade ! To join Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation


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