Saturday, March 25, 2017

Petitions and More, March 25 US-info. Senators voted on H.J.R. 69/S.J.R. 18. Let them know that you follow their votes on wildlife issues.Enter your zip code and send them an email, either thanking them for opposing this outrageous legislation or tell them you expect better  Demand that the NZ Government gives the Maui dolphins proper protection from net fishing, mining and oil exploration activities including seismic testing! The transport to Turkey for 136 Danish cows during the hot summer took 83 hrs.! Sign this petition, so we can stop these cruel live animal transports! Skriv under   World Veterinary Association, Please Speak Up Against the Barbaric Dog Meat Trade in South Korea!  Iditarod sponsors. Tweetsheet, or contact Join Alley Cat Allies in demanding every instance of animal cruelty be prosecuted to the full extent of the law Don’t Repeat Exxon Valdez in the Arctic Ocean! Protect Mountain Hares in Cairngorms National Park Italy. Protest! Barbaric tradition to kill a few days old lambs just to delight the palate, it is absolutely deplorable that a serious company such as COOP, should stoop to that! Switzerland. Herd protection, the correct way! No to an uncritical system of compensation for attacks by wolves on sheep and goats without herd protection! Suitable fencing and herding dogs is reasonable and affordable, requesting criminal prosecution for those who refuse to protect their farm animals Philippines. Paws, Local Government Officials, Peta, and other animal help association, have a heart and start taking care of stray dogs Belgium. Animal pound Brugge: Addressing abuses and needless, cruel euthanizations! A Cyanide Bomb Killed their Family Dog and Threatened their Son: USDA Stop Using Them Now! Make Shelter Pets a Part of School Curriculum Transfer Mali to a sanctuary! Needs even more attention Oppose Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Expansion in the Delaware River Watershed PSC, stand with landowners who are unwilling to jeopardize the environment and Nebraska's land and water by selling pipeline access
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