Thursday, March 2, 2017

Petitions and More, March 2  Cancer Research UK (CRUK): please halt your animal experiments and fund exclusively humane research  Submit a comment in favor of Alternative C: Incremental Restoration; gradually release grizzly bears into remote areas of North Cascades National Park and other nearby public lands over 5 to 10 years to reach a stable population of 25 bears Soon, the European Parliament will vote on a report that could mean the end of cages in the rabbit industry. Please send an email to the Dutch MEPs
Tweet:  Stop selling meat from abused lambs, @Kroger: Cut ties with Superior Farms! US-info. Act Now to Ban Horse Slaughter, Please Support the Safeguard American Food Exports Act!
----- HR 113 is the newly introduced SAFE Act bill # for 115th Congress. 4 Tweets: 1   .@RepSteveIsrael @CANAFoundation pls RT this amazing partnership @lgrays5 @BreezeCyclone @CyntWhite @Hanaeleh @TweetEquine @barkneigh884
.@USDA @USDA_APHIS complicit in atrocities @repblumenauer @SenSanders @RepRaulGrijalva @RepFitzpatrick @RepCharlieDent @abc7newsbayarea @NBC
.@VernBuchanan @RepLujanGrisham @RepSteveIsrael more atrocities 4slaughterbound horses! #StanleyBros #DOT451845 Ask fed reps to pass HR 113!
4  #CongressAnimalProtectionCaucus where r u? @AnimalsAngelsUS @billmaher @JVM @ABFalecbaldwin @tompetty @SenWarren @AdamSchiffCA @joekennedy US-info. If not signed yet. USDA, don’t hide the truth! ZIP=5 digits. Don't waste taxpayer money on a fruitless railroad study BNP Paribas: No Fracked-Gas Projects in the Rio Grande Valley Russia. Save these former race horses from slaughter! Makhachkala, Dagestan, Akhal-Teke breeding horses! Russia. Moscow region. Blood business: stop horse stealing and their illegal slaughter! Italy. Puglia region. Protest against privatization of catching and ‘keeping’ stray dogs Turkey. Crimes committed against animals can be prevented by applying a more effective criminal sanction instead of fines Stop the killing and dying of dogs in the temporary detention of homeless animals in Saratov, stop the suffering Russia. Ryazan region Shatsk district S. Official target? Prohibit the shooting of dogs Russia. Find and punish those responsible for the brutal murder of a bear in Yakutia Russia. The most severe punishment (up to life imprisonment) for the murderers of the bear in Yakutia Russia. We demand to stop the annual killing of Red spotted deer in Primorsky Krai Do not close the Seprona (body of the Civil Guard created for the protection of nature, wildlife, animals) page, create an official website  Kerala Government, act immediately and help the animals overcome these difficulties in finding food and water until the drought has come to an end Under attack - help IFAW defend the EPA
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