Thursday, March 30, 2017

Petitions and More, March 30   Scroll down, copy /paste the letter to president Trump in  ! 
Next: Tweetsheet  !  (To go back to the Tweetsheet, right-click on the upper left arrow and choose it again)  Protect Animals with the Animal Charter of Rights and Freedoms! We are calling on the OIE (World Animal Health Organisation) to oppose live animal export globally ! More alerts (if not signed yet) Scroll down please, take action, speak out on the Super Highway again. Nigeria. The superhighway will be rerouted away from the Ekuri community forest. Cross River gorilla habitat is no longer threatened, but habitat for vulnerable species like chimpanzees, forest elephants, and pangolins continues to be threatened! Shocking images! Help us put an end to cruelty to animals   Request for the final end of the Yulin, China, Dogmeat ‘festival’! Confirm Requesting a Municipal By-Law to Stop the Use of Pesticides by Farmers in France US-info. Don’t Let Congress Dismantle the Endangered Species Act  ZIP=4 digits. Limited. Save Our Marine Sanctuaries WWF, publicly end your contract with Tassal Abolish the Yulin Dog Meat Festival ! Mexico.  San Luis Potosí. Demanding respect for living beings and severe punishment for abusers and murderers Mexico. Michoacan. Justice for the ‘blue’ dog, painted, stabbed and thrown into an alcove! Mexico. Stop the barbarie towards our animals, committed by 'spring-breakers', students from the US! Japan. Towards zero killing of dogs and cats Venezuela. Prevent Ruperta and other animals from starvation, and improve their current situation!  Venezuelea. Let's save elephant Ruperta! Give her a better life Stand With Us Against the Yulin Dog Meat Festival! Save Chimpanzees and Forest Elephants. Stop This Dangerous Nigerian Superhighway! Tell President Trump to Prioritize Our Planet's Future Stand Strong Against Trump's Dismantling of the EPA
             =========  News and more   ========= Vote Non please! Animal suffering: do you think abattoir practices have improved?


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