Thursday, March 9, 2017

Petitions and More, March 9  ZIP=5 digits. Tell your senators: Don’t re-open the door to gassing wolf pups in dens or hunting grizzlies from planes, vote No on S.J. Res. 18 ! US. Congress Moves to Ban Dog & Cat Meat in the US, show Your Support Now! If not signed yet. Stop the Korean Dog and Cat Meat Trade! Send this Email or this Tweet to the Chief Minister of Odisha today to offer your support and highlight steps to reduce the dangerous conflict between elephants and people! Click on Take action to send an email Demand that models refuse to wear fur during fashion shows. Confirm please;jsessionid=00000000.app322b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=1729 Arkansas Officials, Protect Buffalo National River from Industrial Hog Operation English text included. Say No to the Centre Party's (Senterpartiet/Political party) proposal to prohibit ‘street dogs’ (vaccinated, tested, chipped and neutered) access to Norway! These numbers include All dogs; yes to tighter restrictions!
Attorney General's Office and the Court, review the sentence of David Andrés Flórez Acosta, torturing, killing and eating cats! Stop the torture and killing of dogs and cats in China Save the Wolves and Black Bears in Quebec 2018, do Not allow Wolf hunting in the Far North to attract tourists after a moratorium on caribou comes into force in 2018! El Salvador. Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, help funding the transfer of animals from the Zoo Congress: Help Save Vanishing Species Ask the Italian government to stop the cruel live animal exports to Turkey  Wheeling. Shrine-leased animals has failed to meet minimal federal standards under the Animal Welfare Act for the care of animals used in the circus
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